T-Coffee A collection of tools for Computing, Evaluating and Manipulating Multiple Alignments of DNA, RNA, Protein Sequences and Structures


T-Coffee Aligns DNA, RNA or Proteins using the default T-Coffee   >>  Cite
M-Coffee Aligns DNA, RNA or Proteins by combining the output of popular aligners   >>  Cite
R-Coffee Aligns RNA sequences using predicted secondary structures   >>  Cite
Expresso Aligns protein sequences using structural information   >>  Cite
PSI-Coffee Aligns distantly related proteins using homology extension (slow and accurate)   >>  Cite
Pro-Coffee Aligns homologous promoter regions (new)   >>  Cite
Accurate Automatically combine the most accurate modes for DNA, RNA and Proteins (experimental!)
Combine Combines two (or more) multiple sequence alignments into a single one   >>  Cite


Core Evaluates your Alignment and outputs a Colored version indicating the local reliability   >>  Cite
iRMSD-APDB Evaluates Multiple Sequence Alignment using structural information with APDB and iRMSD   >>  Cite


ProtoGene Turning amino acid alignments into CDS nucleotide alignments   >>  Cite

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Vital-IT Vital-IT, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Bioinfo for dummies
The Book Bioinformatics For Dummies contains a T-Coffee tutorial and many other online resources.
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